By combining his unique professional experience as both a teacher at various colleges in the Bay Area and highly trained Life Coach, Clint Pardoe has supported thousands of community, state, and private college students from around the world in living more successful lives.

Based upon his book The 4 Secrets to College Life Success: How to thrive in your life during and after college, Clint presents his SPEAKING EXPERIENCE to college students all over the world.

Clint lives with his wife and two children in Northern California.

“Clint, I wish you all the best as we need all the people teaching success we can get in the world!”

All their projects are constructed in such a manner which they can choose the test of time.  The project is a plotted development project which will offer a wide selection of Residential Plots dogs.  It has a great floor plan that will suit all the needs of the residents.  As part of the whole township undertaking, it's known to be the eco friendly project that provides you with the best luxury during the distinctive method of the lifestyle completely into the lap of the mother nature.

- Jack Canfield, co-creator, #1 Best Selling Book Series, Chicken Soup for the Soul

“I’m delighted to see Clint bringing his remarkable energy, heart, passion and insight to help young adults wake up to their potential and successfully live a more integral life.”

-Terry Patten, co-author, Integral Life Practice

“As long as Clint continues to work with today’s youth I am optimistic that many, many lives be will positively changed forever. His cutting-edge insights combined with his exceptional ability to connect with youth makes him a truly valuable leader, speaker, and messenger.”

- Kent Healy, co-author, The Success Principles for Teens

Massive cities have an exceptional opportunity in the scale of the waste they produce in the event of New York, for example, over a billion gallons each day. They can improve this gloomy picture, but it will require a concerted effort by civic leaders to make urban zones more sustainable. In the end Leasburg Historical Society, cities which lead on water sustainability must convince residents that it's worth investing in.